Executive & Protective Driving Services

With APT .RED, the leader in Executive & Protective Driving services, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in the hands of highly trained security officers.

Executive & Protective Driving Is Safe Driving

Each of our executive and protective drivers (bodyguards) is a highly trained security officer. They are taught to adhere to strict safety guidelines. Each driver has been trained in multiple safe and secure driving techniques. Some of these specialty protective driving techniques include:

  • Surveillance detection and evasion
  • Anti-surveillance driving
  • Defensive driving

In addition to their specialized driving skills, our executive and protective drivers are also expected to have an in-depth knowledge of the local area. With this knowledge, our drivers are always prepared to navigate the car to safety should the need for evasive driving arise. Our skilled drivers know how to keep you safe on the road so you can arrive safely at your destination.

Executive & Protective Driving Security Officers Keep Your Confidences

At APT .RED, your privacy is our top priority. All of our executive and protective security officers are required to submit to a strict confidentiality agreement, ensuring their absolute discretion. Whether you use our executive and protective driving services for business or pleasure, you can rest assured that your corporate and individual reputations will remain intact.

Whatever You Need, We Have Executive & Protective Driving Services to Meet Your Needs

Whether you need transportation to the airport, protective driving services for your next trip or vacation, or daily commuter services, APT .RED offers services to fit your needs.
Our services include:

  • VIP Transport Service
  • Corporate Executive Cars
  • Airport Service
  • Private Transportation Leisure or Vacation
  • Armed Security Driving Specialists
  • Unarmed Security Driving Specialists

Our services are available 24/7 as needed or with a regular commitment. We offer both armed and unarmed drivers and all of our drivers are committed to the safety of their passengers. They uphold safety and prudence above all, meaning you can relax on your next trip. Contact us today to learn more about our executive and protective driving services.