Why Wait Until a Failure Occurs?

Waiting until a problem occurs is not only inefficient but also wastes time and increases risk. The old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly true of security systems. In effort to eliminate downtime altogether, APT .RED’s security monitoring leverages technology to predict potential security system failures before they occur.

Predictive Failure Analysis of Security Systems

Predictive failure analysis in security systems is an approach that focuses on identifying signals that indicate potential failures of security system components. By actively monitoring security components, we are often able to identify potential faults. Failure analysis methods for prediction involve an understanding of all the ways a system can go wrong and designing a map of security system flow processes that can contribute to these failures. Then software and technology are used to analyze the capacity to fail at each stage of the mapped-out process.

Security System Predictive Failure Notifications

Designed by experts in business-critical installations, APT .RED delivers predictive failure solutions through embedded failover capabilities, built-in redundancy, and health monitoring mechanisms. We proactively protect your recordings from network failure and physical damage, while securely and efficiently giving you real-time notifications on system health and uptime.