The Need for Responsive Security System Solutions

When the basic building blocks of any security structure, virtual or physical, are properly addressed with a focus on high-risk areas, the rest of the system takes care of itself. Your security is everything, and we know from experience that criminals, terrorists, and vandals are not a static threat.

Criminal techniques and resources are always evolving and our security-risk assessments are continually enhanced to ensure we can help you stay ahead of the curve. In an effort to continually innovate and improve responsiveness, APT .RED leverages near-real-time security system analytics in order to produce the most responsive security solutions.

In addition, we understand that clients are technically savvy and have high standards regarding transparency and ongoing communication from security advisors and partners. Increasingly, businesses expect to work with organizations they trust—businesses that can maintain timelines and provide progress reports. To address this changing dynamic, we’ve developed responsive security system analytics to complement our security consulting and management services and satisfy client-side data needs.

Near-Real-Time Security System Analytics

Your security system relies on a multitude of components to deliver the results you need. This includes system architecture, validated network components, network switches, routers, wireless access points, cabling, NAC, DDI, and stream analytics, all of which need to be working properly to provide comprehensive security.

APT .RED system administrators are skilled in the upkeep, configuration, and secure operation of computer systems. Based on our extensive experience in this area, we’ve identified the best approach to network security—an approach that minimizes system downtime and ultimately reduces lost revenue. By leveraging near-real-time analytic data on security systems, we are able to optimize responsiveness and minimize system downtime, all while providing regular analytics reports for our clients.