In its most transparent form, video surveillance is:

  • Supervision of behavior, activities, or people
  • Protection of people and property
  • Prevention of illegal acts

A video surveillance system enables individuals to observe from a distance, using electronic equipment such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. Often, these cameras are connected to a recording device or IP network and can be watched remotely or locally.

Remote Video Surveillance

A remote video surveillance system allows users to view live video from a device anywhere in the world using the internet. Remote viewing is easily enabled in properties with a CCTV system, and in most cases, it will work with a simple broadband connection.

However, if needed, our video surveillance consultants implement a 4G wireless gateway, providing the ability to remotely view your system without a hardwired internet connection. Remote video surveillance monitoring is beneficial for large and exposed properties where criminals and vandals pose real threats.

Analog vs. Digital Video Surveillance

In the last decade, video surveillance has progressed through many technological advancements. First there was analog surveillance, which used equipment that could record directly to a videotape recorder, capturing analog signals as pictures. Due to the limitations of videotapes (approximately 3 hours of recording time at normal speed), a system admin typically slows the record rate to 4 FPS (frames per second) to allow the tape to operate continuously for 24 hours.

In the world of surveillance where threats can occur in the blink of an eye, seconds are everything. Consequently, it’s no surprise that organizations still using blurry, difficult-to-access analog recordings are looking for a way to improve the quality and performance of their systems.

Converting Analog to Digital

Fortunately, analog signals can be converted into digital signals, allowing the recording to be stored on a computer as a digital recording. Analog-to-digital conversion requires the analog camera to be plugged directly into a video capture card in the network.

Digital video recorders (DVRs) offer an alternative solution for those wanting to convert analog signals. Similar in functionality to a PC with a capture card and video recording software, most DVRs are designed with surveillance purposes in mind. Our experienced video surveillance consultants at APT .RED help to uncomplicate this integration and offer efficient and cost-effective solutions that ultimately save you time and money.

Video Surveillance Solutions

High-performance commercial video surveillance systems require the insights of a team with a proven record of quality execution and industry knowledge. Our video surveillance consulting team can work within your budget to deliver a custom video-surveillance solution that covers your business’s specific needs.

Cloud-based video surveillance systems take advantage of network video recorders, making these systems very cost effective. Coupled with IP or network cameras, these implementations introduce the capability of remote accessibility, video or audio encryption and authentication, and the ability to function on a wireless network. Our video surveillance consultants have built trusting relationships with our client partners through years of demonstrated ability to complete projects on time, while providing near real-time responsiveness and communication.

Video Surveillance Systems Consulting

From HD and megapixel resolution to wireless systems, the world of video surveillance technology is evolving rapidly. These advancements allow you to build high-quality, flexible, custom surveillance systems designed for your site’s unique security needs.

Camera options include outdoor and vandal-proof housings to protect cameras, night vision or thermal cameras for recording at night, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to monitor large areas. In addition, there are many ways software can record, monitor, and analyze your surveillance videos so you can stay on top of any accidents, thefts, or suspicious activity.

Let the APT .RED consulting team guide you through the intricacies of implementing an advanced video surveillance system.