Our Language Services Division provides professional interpreting and translation services locally, nationally and internationally. This provides our clients a single source for all their foreign language needs, not only in the security and investigative sectors, but for all other fields of industry as well as medical, legal and community settings. Whether it is face-to-face interpretation or written translation, our dedicated staff ensures that all details of an assignment clearly reflect the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our linguists are carefully selected, highly trained and educated. Typically native speakers, they are extremely familiar with their respective culture and language nuances. They are encouraged to travel to their home country often in order to keep in tune with the constantly evolving nature of their native language and culture. The majority of our interpreters are certified by nationally recognized organizations, or have been trained and tested for interpreting skills as well as meeting standards of ethical conduct. We hand-select accomplished and accredited translators and interpreters with at least five years of experience. Their goal is to consistently strive to facilitate communication with professionalism and excellence in all circumstances.

Our Language Services Division’s comprehensive roster consists of linguists with varying levels of expertise. They are experienced in providing linguistic services for communications and publications in the areas of business, marketing, manufacturing, technical, medical, law enforcement and government. Many have prior experience with the military, while the majority are familiar with the state and federal government environment. This level of experience and expertise allows us to select the best linguist for the job based on our client’s specific requirements.

Because our linguists are located across the United States and globally, they are able to travel to meet our client’s needs throughout the world in a timely fashion.