Sometimes off-the-shelf solutions fall short of meeting the needs in this rapidly evolving security field. Thus, the production of customized software is sometimes required, including application code, communication protocols, custom communications between databases, and user-interface design.

With 50 years of experience in software development and developing code for the security industry, we are able to provide exceptional quality, prompt delivery, and feature-rich applications that few others in our industry can produce.

Custom Applications

APT .RED’s experience in developing customized applications that enable integration between admin systems and security-management systems ensures that data is qualified before being passed between applications for insertion.

Our team has extensive experience designing custom applications that work with specific security hardware, in some cases bridging the gaps where no current vendor-supplied software exists. Having vast experience in the electronic security industry ensures that we fully understand the functionality required and the risks to protect against. We have designed security software to work with some of the largest electronic security manufacturers in the world.

Database Design

In addition to talking to hardware components, most of our applications communicate with backend databases. Possessing a breadth of experience with SQL Server, we can help design needed databases or assist in maintaining existing databases.