As national security and defense threats become increasingly complex, our intelligence organizations are challenged to respond more efficiently and precisely—a challenge that is compounded by limited resources, evolving missions and a dynamic landscape. Intelligence analysts are required to interpret large amounts of data from multiple sources, including classified reporting, signals data, and open source information.

Likewise, law enforcement agencies are challenged with time-sensitive investigations requiring quick insights, thus, organizations need to collaborate internally with analyst teams, investigators and other staff. Law enforcement organizations also need to collaborate across jurisdictions and with non-law enforcement organizations. It is therefore critically important for law enforcement agencies to be able to fluidly share information and collaborate.

IBM® i2® has been helping analysts outthink the bad guys for more than 25 years in law enforcement, government, national security and defense. APT .RED can help you understand why IBM i2 is among the most trusted link analysis tool used by national security, defense and law enforcement to unlock the power of geospatial intelligence. 

APT .RED utilizes Blue Light Blue Fusion™ to power its state-of-the-art security management systems through IBM Notebooks. Blue Light Blue Fusion™ is a proprietary, powerful web-based user interface created to increase the functionality of IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook. Along with Blue Fusion™ for Analyst’s Notebook, we can provide customers with over 10 times greater data ingestion speeds and increased functionality in two key areas:

  • Blue Fusion for IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook allows us to perform server operations such as intuitive and rapid User Account Management. In addition, it provides applications that improve data backup and restart capabilities along with audit logs, server health monitoring, and server restart.
  • Blue Fusion provides IBM i2 customers with a one-of-a-kind federated search capability to ALL their relational databases and APIs through the integration of customized Data Access on Demand (DAOD) connectors. 

By taking advantage of Blue Light Blue Fusion™ technology, our customers can simultaneously access and analyze user data from disparate databases that have never been aggregated. This provides comprehensive insights into their data which significantly decreases data mining and analysis time and increases your business efficiencies.