Access Control Updates

APT .RED access control services not only advise in the technical process of building an access control solution that integrates with your legacy system, but we can also help upgrade your current system. Security needs are always evolving, and you need a reliable, uncomplicated way to manage future updates. We understand the unique challenges sometimes associated with keeping these systems updated. In addition to custom access control update solutions, APT .RED provides robust role-based access control solutions, which help automate the process of updating personnel access card data.

Automated Role-Based Access Control Updates

Automated access control role updates allow for you to be more flexible and scale up efficiently with personnel changes. Our access control services help to set up automatic processes to update user roles at every level, with a focus on system configurations, specific roles and functions, and your overall security goals.

Automated Role-Based Access Control Update Objectives

  • Data protection by design and by default
  • Encrypted data during transport
  • Encrypted data at rest (server side)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Password policy enforcement
  • Isolation between data providers
  • Source data after consumption to be deleted
  • Records of processing
  • Private server resource

How the Automated Process Works

For each system, clients will have unique login credentials and an individual file folder assigned to store the import update file. From there, two client folder access methods can be used.

  1. With web browser access, clients log into the cloud-based server with name, password, and two-factor authentication and upload the file to a designated folder.
  2. With the desktop client option, the user places the new file into a designated update folder.

When the presence of an update file is detected, the system automatically processes the update. Once the processing of the new personnel import file is complete, the source file is deleted and a completion or error log file is generated.

Comprehensive Access Control Update Solutions

Change is inevitable, and your access control solution is no different. Whether it’s new technology integration and system updates or changes to access roles for your employees, APT .RED provides comprehensive access control solutions that keeps your system working the way it should.