Training Classes

In today’s society, one can never be too prepared to react to potential threats of violence and crime. APT .RED’s training focuses on real life survival scenarios. We exploit believable life threatening scenarios and practice adapted special operations tactics, law enforcement and martial arts techniques to train and equip you to recognize and confront threats to you, your family, your business and your property.

Due to the modular nature of our training, our courses can be delivered at nearly any location, worldwide. If you are interested in taking a training course with APT .RED please refer to our Contact page and provide a brief introduction and what discipline you would like to undertake. We will contact you and provide a comprehensive list of course dates and our pricing guide.

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Basic Security Officer (Security Guard)

Today’s security industry is highly influenced by our society’s safety culture. The attitude of that will never happen produces a basic approach to security requirements and needs. Whether the basic requirements are pressed upon training security officers (security guards) or the basic needs are to securely protect an infrastructure, organization or individual is irrelevant, the consequence is the same. Ineffectively trained personnel and inadequate planning can lead to security breaches and subsequent exploitation.

At APT .RED, our security officers are required to participate in supplementary training before any security officer is deployed at any facility or on any task. The training our security guards receive is absolutely superior to what is considered the acceptable minimum requirement because we believe in giving our security personnel the tools to conduct themselves correctly and the opportunity to complete their tasks effectively. In addition to the minimum requirements, our security training incorporates:

  • Use of Force
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Detainment and Restraint Practices
  • Firearms
  • Etiquette
  • Protocol

After successful completion of these disciplines, our security officers/security guards are still required to attend mandatory continuing education. This ensures that you will receive an outstanding individual and you will undoubtedly agree our officers go way beyond the basic.