APT .RED adopted the S.A.F. Guard program in order to analyze methodology, review curriculum, determine what was missing, and then address weak and missing components. Our analysis continues to reveal vital elements absent from most prevention, preparation and response plans.

APT .RED incorporates prevention, preparation and response topics into the S.A.F. Guard curriculum. More importantly, we address the vital need to educate and train school staff, faculty, drivers and administrators to adopt a proactive security mindset. Our focus is giving school personnel the tools to safeguard both students and themselves and survive the first stages of a critical incident until law enforcement arrives to take command. The knowledge and training presented may significantly minimize potential for serious injury or death, whether in school or aboard a bus.

While most schools have emergency plans addressing fire events and medical emergencies, most plans do not sufficiently stress a proactive mindset safeguarding students, staff, visitors and property in emergencies. The S.A.F. Guard program provides a unique and indispensable blend of security and law enforcement savvy, as well as strategic and tactical knowledge tailored for school and bus settings. The program walks attendees through a step-by-step process imperative for developing adequate and effective security plans.

APT .RED then teams attendees with first responders, enabling development of a myriad of new skill sets as team members. The end result is a team actively addressing a critical situation versus waiting passively until help arrives. We engage educators in developing scenarios, as well as empower school staff and drivers to prepare escape routes with contingency options, establish onsite and offsite evacuation points, develop communication plans and practice frequent safety drills and tabletop exercises. As a result, when an incident occurs, their rehearsed plan is second nature, leading students to safety and protecting themselves.